Void a Refund Load

Last Updated March 2, 2012

If the data on the Refunds (Payment Remittance) screen does not look correct (for example, if it looks like the data is the same as that which was processed the day before), cancel the load by voiding it.

If you have processed refunds into the Check Writer, you must cancel that request before voiding the load.

WARNING: If any checks have been printed and posted on any of the refund records in the  current load, the load cannot be voided.  Contact the ACT Help Desk for information.

The following roles and user entitlements should be set in the Tax Collection System for users needing to void refunds in TaxLedge.

Refund Screen Roles

GLTAXLEDGE_FOUNDATION - Allows access to the TaxLedge database tables. Restrictions are made by removing entitlements to users.

Refund Screen Entitlements

ACTGL_REFUND – Allows access to the Refund screen.

GLLOAD_REFUNDS - Activates the Load Refunds and Void Load buttons.

To void a load:

  1. Click the Void Load button on the Refunds (Payment Remittance) screen. A Void Load window will show all the available loads that can be voided.
  2. Click the Void checkbox in the Void column (this selects the load to be voided).
  3. Click theVoid Load(s) button.