Reconcile the New Load with the TCS298E

Last Updated February 12, 2003


If you have loaded a file from the Tax Collection system (not from Special Inventory Taxes, Permits, etc.), you should verify that the amounts from the new TCS297F load reconcile with the amounts on the TC298E having the same date range as the TCS297F.  This can be accomplished by following these steps:

  1. Print a copy of the TCS297F from the Reports menu in TaxLedge (found on the Main Menu screen) and the TC298E from the ACT system.
  2. Reconcile the amounts on the two reports.
  3. When reconciling, the Load Summary screen may not match the TC298E, usually because in the ACT system there has been a change in the collections for a day that has already been loaded into TaxLedge.

To correct this, determine which day (or days) have changed, void the load for that day or date range, rerun a corrected TC297 for that day, then reload the data.  Processed and paid remittances will not be affected.

Note: The shorter the reconciliation time period, ideally daily, the easier it will be to balance and find your errors.