Preliminary Actions Prior to Processing Refunds

Last Updated February 7, 2003

Before you begin processing refunds in TaxLedge, verify the refunds available in the ACT Tax Collection system as follows:

  1. In the ACT system, run the TC536 Refund Selection Report from the Miscellaneous Services Menu (ACT 6.2) or the Batch Menu screen (ACT 7) .  Refunds are of two types: overpayment and appraisal district adjustment.  Either or both may appear on the report.

Note: ACT 7 users, be sure to note the report sequence number when you run this report.  It is found in the Batch Request screen.

  1. Verify the refunds listed on the TC536.  In the ACT system, place refunds on hold as necessary and make sure that the complete mailing addresses exist for the accounts being refunded.
  2. Run a verified TC536 for either overpayment (OV) or appraisal district adjustment (RF).

Note: In the Refunds module, TaxLedge recognizes only one type of refund at a time (either overpayment or appraisal district adjustment. If refunds for both types are processed the same day, run a TC536 and a TC537 for each refund type, then separately process each refund type in the Refunds module. In the Check Writer module, both types of refunds can be processed at the same time. When the Check Writer module has completely processed the refunds, post them into the ACT system.

  1. For ACT 6.2 users, run the TC537x in the Tax Collection system for the payment type chosen. Enter the correct dates for the report and leave the starting check number blank.  The file created by the ACT system will be loaded into TaxLedge in a later process.