Void a Remittance Load

Last Updated June 8, 2010

The following roles and user entitlements should be set in the Tax Collection System for users needing to void a  remittance file in TaxLedge.

Remittance Screen Roles

GLTAXLEDGE_FOUNDATION - Allows access to the TaxLedge database tables. Restrictions are made by removing entitlements to users.

Remittance Screen Entitlements

ACTGL_REMITAllows access to the Remit screen.

GLLOAD_REMITTANCES Enable the Load and Void Load buttons on the Remit screen.

If the data on the Remit screen does not appear to be correct for any reason, you can void the data load as follows:

  1. Enter the Date Range of the file you want to void (format MM/DD/YYYY). This must be the same date range as the file you loaded.
  2. Click the Void Load button on the Remit screen.
  3. A message will appear asking if you want to continue.  Click Yes to the confirmation message.  All records relating to that load will be voided.

Note: You can void a load that has been processed (even if the checks have been written). If a load is voided after it has been processed in the Remit screen, the balances due will be displayed as negative amounts.  This does not cancel (delete) the original load.