Cancel a Processed Remittance

Last Updated March 25, 2013

It may be necessary on rare occasions to cancel a remittance that has already been sent to the Check Writer module. If the check has been printed or a wire/ACH payment been processed, you need to void the check/wire/ACH in the Check Writer module before canceling the request.

  1. In the Remit screen, check the Remitted Transaction Only box.

Note: If a check number is shown in the Remit screen for a request that needs to be cancelled, the check must be voided in the Check Writer module before the request can be cancelled. See Adjustments in the Check Writer Module for further instructions.

  1. Enter the last deposit date used in the original remittance: (MM/DD/YYYY).

Example: If you have requested remittances for the deposit date range of 10/23/2000-10/24/2000, you would use 10/24/2000-10/24/2000 as the date range to cancel the request.  For tracking purposes in TaxLedge, the last deposit date used in the original request is the remit date, in this case 10/24/2000.

  1. Click Recalculate. If you combined remittance loads when processing in the Remit screen, you must first select a File Type of All Files, as you will be canceling all the loads, not just one of them.
  2. Click the Process checkbox next to the tax unit(s) that need to be canceled.
  3. Click Process.
  4. Click Yes in the warning screen to cancel the remittance request.

Note: Upon returning to the Remit screen, you will notice a  0 (zero) in the Check Number column for the cancelled request. This indicates that the check request has been removed from the Check Writer module.

  1. To view the new balances now due on the Remit screen, uncheck the Remitted Transactions Only box.
  2. Click Recalculate. The canceled request amount should now be displayed.