Preliminary Actions Prior to Processing Remittances

Last Updated February 14, 2003

Before you begin processing a new set of remittances, you need to run the following reports in the ACT Tax Collection system.

  1. First, for tax collection fund remittances, run the TC298 Deposit Distribution reports using the same date range that you want to use when you process the remittance checks.  For example, if checks are written daily, the time span for the reports is the one day of transactions.  Any date range appropriate to the schedule of the tax office can be used, as long as the same range is specified for all the TC298 reports.
  2. If you are a ACT 6.2 or 6.3 user, run the TCS297F (Finance Remittance File) process from ACT’s Miscellaneous Services Menu after the TC298 reports are completed. Specify the same time span you used for the TC298 reports.  Running the TCS297F creates the data file that will be loaded into TaxLedge.   

ACT 7 and Special Inventory Tax users do not need to perform step 2.

Note: ACT recommends that tax offices run the TC298D and TCS297F daily in order to maintain an accurate record of balances.