Monthly Report

Last Updated June 9, 2010

The Monthly report is available to tax offices who want to show collections by jurisdiction that are split out into current and delinquent collections.  Options are available to show the breakdown of each jurisdiction's collections into paid and unpaid amounts (that would match the processed and available options on the Jurisdiction Remittance reports). A version that shows totals for the paid and unpaid amounts is also available.

Users must be assigned the GLTAXLEDGE_FOUNDATION role and the user entitlements TAXLEDGE_REPORTS and GLRPTEND_OF_PERIOD in the Tax Collection System to run this report

To run a Monthly report:

  1. Open TaxLedge and log in.
  2. On TaxLedge’s Main Menu bar, select Reports, then select Monthly Report. The parameter screen will be displayed.
  3. Enter the beginning and ending dates of the Deposit Date Range you want to include on the report.
  4. Click one of the following options:
  • Detail Show Paid/Unpaid Totals
  • Detail w/o Paid/Unpaid Totals
  • Summary
  1. Enter the number of copies needed in the Number of Copies field.
  2. Click Print.

The following columns of data should match the TC298D: taxes, discount, penalty & interest, subtotal, and attorney fees. The  Collection Fee amounts should match the Jurisdiction Remittance Reports for available (unpaid) and processed (paid) fees. On the Summary version, the % Current Levy Collected should tie to the TC168 report.