Remittance Adjustments Report

Last Updated March 1, 2016

This reports provides information about the changes made on the Remittance Adjustment screen.

Users must be assigned the GLTAXLEDGE_FOUNDATION role and the user entitlements TAXLEDGE_REPORTS and GLRPTPAYABLE_ENTRIES in the Tax Collection System to run this report.

To run a Remittance Adjustments Report:

  1. Open TaxLedge and log in.
  2. On TaxLedge’s Main Menu bar, select Reports, then select Remittance Adjustments. The Remittance Adjustments screen will be displayed.
  3. Select a File Type from the drop-down list.
  4. In the Deposit Date Range fields, enter the beginning and ending date for the data that you want to appear on the report.
  5. Select the desired Report Mode: Summary or Detail.
  6. Select the desired Report Type: Remittance Refunds by Roll Year, All Adjustments by Roll Year, or All Adjustment by Type and Year.
  7. If you would like to limit the data to certain jurisdictions, select those units in the Available Jurisdictions list on the lower left of the screen, then click the top gray button.
  8. Click Print.
  9. If your tax office wants, the report can be tracked on the batch menu. A popup window will appear after you click Print that gives you the batch request sequence number. Contact ACT if you want this feature.