Process an Out-of-Balance Load

Last Updated July 24, 2008

A tax office can remit from an out-of-balance TC298/TCS297F. After processing remittances, it can then balance the file and reload it without affecting processed and/or paid requests. It can also hold money back by adjusting remittances.

To process an out-of-balance load, follow the steps below:

  1. Load the remittance file for that date range.
  2. Return to the ACT system and correct the errors that made the TCS297F file out-of-balance.
  3. Return to the Remit screen and void the load that contained errors.
  4. To reload the new data, enter the same date range as the voided load.
  5. Click the Load Data button. TaxLedge will automatically calculate the differences between the original file and the corrected file.