Introduction to Check Writing

Last Updated June 8, 2010

The Check Writer module contains all the approved remittances and refunds that have been verified and sent to it.  It is in this module that checks are printed and wire transfers and ACH payments are prepared.  A number of manual steps can come into play before payments are completed, depending upon the type of payment to be made and specific tax office procedures.

Remittance payments can be made via check, wire, or ACH.  Refunds are issued only via check.

After processing in the Check Writer module, refunds must be posted back to the ACT Tax Collection system.  Manual refunds must be hand-entered into the ACT system.  A register of checks printed can be generated.

Transactions cannot be changed here. If names or addresses are incorrect in the Check Writer, the run must be cancelled in the Check Writer, then in either the Refunds or Remit screen.

The following roles and user entitlements should be set in the Tax Collection System for users needing access to the Remittance program in TaxLedge.

Check Writer Screen Roles

GLTAXLEDGE_FOUNDATION - Allows access to TaxLedge.

Check Writer Screen Entitlements

ACTGL_CHWRITER - Allow users to see the Check writer screen.

GLPROCESS_CHKRUN - Allows users to use the Process button on the Payment Batches tab.

GLPAYMENT_PRINTING – Allows users to see the Payment Printing tab.

GLNUM_ON_HAND – Allows users to use the Requests on Hand field.

GLPROCESS_ADJ - Allows users to use the Process button on the Adjustment tab.

GLADJUST_CHECKS  - Allows users to access the Adjustment tab.

GLBEGIN_CHK - Allows user to enter values in the New Begin Check Number field.

GLCHANGE_PRINTDT - Allows users to change the print date.

GLCHKWR_COMMENT - Allows users to update the name, address and comment line information.

GLDISCARD_CHECKS - Allows users to see and use the Discard tab. 

GLESCHEAT - Allows users to see the Escheat option on the Adjustment tab.

GLPOSTBACK - Activates the Postback button.

GLPRINT_CHECKS - Activates the Print Checks button.

GLPRINT_COPY - Allows users to print copies of checks and EFT slips on the Adjustment tab.

GLRENUMBER_CHECKS - Allows users to renumber checks using the Renumber field and the Update Check Numbers button on the Adjustment tab.

GLREUSE_CHECKS - Allows users to use the Reuse checkboxes on the Adjustment tab.

GLSKIP - Allows users to use the skip checkbox.

GLSHOW_ACCOUNT- Allows the tax office bank account number to display on the screen.

GLVOID_CANCEL - Allows users to cancel checks using the Void/Cancel checkboxes on the Adjustment tab.

GLVOID_REPRINT -  Allows users to void checks using the Void/Reprint checkboxes on the Adjustment tab.

Contact ACT for assistance in setting these roles for individual users.. The various combinations of these entitlements will be shown on the individual help documents listed below. Click here to see what parts of the screens these entitlements cover.

Adjustments in the Check Writer Module

Process Payments in the Check Run Screen

Process Payments in the Check Writer Screen

Discarding Checks

Viewing Copies of Transactions