ntroduction to Refunds

Last Updated June 8, 2010

The Refunds module allows tax offices to import refund information from the ACT Tax Collection system and process them for payment in the Check Writer module. As part of the processing procedure, users can search for a specific refund load, void a specific load of refund data, change the names and addresses of the person or company to receive a refund, withhold refunds from payment, and add refunds manually to those imported from ACT.

Users can process only one refund type at a time: either overpayments or adjustments. As in the Remittance module, they can view the details of each transaction and each load that has occurred in the module.

Any individual refunds that need to be split into two or more recipients must be processed through the Manual Refund screen, and then posted back manually in the Tax Collection system.

The following roles and user entitlements should be set in the Tax Collection System for users needing access to the Refund program in TaxLedge.

Refund Screen Roles

GLTAXLEDGE_FOUNDATION - Allows access to the TaxLedge database tables. Restrictions are made by removing entitlements to users.

Refund Screen Entitlements

ACTGL_REFUND – Allows access to the Refund screen.

GLLOAD_REFUNDS - Activates the Load Refunds and Void Load buttons.

GLADJUST_REFUNDS - Allows users to update or make changes to refund records.

GLCOMBINE_REFUNDS - Enables the Combine Payments checkbox.

GLMANUAL_REFUNDS - Allows access to the Manual Payment Requests (Refunds) screen.

GLREQUEST_REFUNDS - Activates the Process and Cancel Request buttons.

GLWRITEOFF_REFUNDS - Shows the Write Off All checkbox and activates the Write Off option.

Contact ACT for assistance in setting these roles for individual users.. The various combinations of these entitlements will be shown on the individual help documents listed below.

Preliminary Actions Prior to Processing Refunds

Load Refunds

Search a Refund Load

Void a Refund Load

Withhold or Delete Refunds

View or Change Account Information

Add Manual Payment Requests

Process Refunds for Payment or Write-Off

View Refund History

Add Manual Refunds