Process Payments in the Check Run Screen

Last Updated: October 8, 2019

Remittances and refunds that are ready for payment are processed in the Check Run screen first and then in the Check Writer screen.  The Check Writer screen is used to print the checks and to prepare wire and ACH payments.

The following roles and user entitlements should be set in the Tax Collection System for users needing access to the Remittance program in TaxLedge.

Check Writer Screen Roles

GLTAXLEDGE_FOUNDATION - Allows access to the Check Writer screens.

Check Writer Screen Entitlements

ACTGL_CHWRITER - Allow users to see the Check writer screen.

GLPROCESS_CHKRUN - Allows users to use the Process button on the Payment Batches tab.

GLPAYMENT_PRINTING –Allows users to see the Payment Printing tab.

GLSHOW_ACCOUNT - Allows the tax office bank account number to display on the screen.

Click here to see what parts of the screen these entitlements cover.

Any individual refunds that need to be split into two or more recipients must be processed through the Manual Refund screen, and then posted back manually in the Tax Collection system.

Below are instructions for processing check payments in the Check Run screen.

  1. From the Main Menu, click Check Writer, then select Check Run from the list.  The Payment Batches screen will appear.  If you have printed refund checks but not yet posted them back to the Tax Collection System, a red Post Back Pending message appears.
  2. Select a Payment Type box. All remittance types ready for payment will be displayed on the right side of the screen.  
  3. Select a Transaction Type from the drop-down list if you want to see different types of batches.
  4. Click in the Selected box(es) next to the batch(es) you want to process.  A checkmark will appear in the box(es).  

Note: To pay all the batches displayed, click the Select All Dates button.  A checkmark will be placed in all the Date Select boxes. However, you can only select multiple batches of refunds or multiple batches of remittances. For ex., you cannot select both overpayments and attorney remittances at the same time.

  1. Choose the Bank Account from the drop-down list. The selection defaults to the account associated with the Payment Type chosen. Only active accounts are shown.
  2. Click the Process button.

When the request process is complete, TaxLedge will change automatically from the Check Run screen to the Check Writer (Payment Printing) screen.  The requested checks will be displayed.  

Check requests remain in the TaxLedge system until they are either printed, are unremitted (for remittances only) or the request is canceled (for refunds only).   Do not try to modify or un-remit an individual refund after it has been requested in the Refunds screen. You need to cancel the entire load and start over again if you need to modify a refund.