Positive Pay File

Last Updated July 24, 2013

You can create a file to be sent to the bank that details refund checks printed in TaxLedge and posted back into the Tax Collection System.  If multiple check requests are processed the same day, they will all appear on the same file.

If positive pay files are run from the batch menu for your tax office, the v2 security task called Print Remit Reports should include access to the batch menu processes. This task is part of the TL_Reports job.

Dallas County uses these client preferences:

UNIX_DIR: This is a TCS preference that should be set for the directory where files are normally placed when they are created, for ex., '/' 9for most tax offices', 'dprod' (Dallas County).

FTP_DIRECTORY_NAME: This is a TCS preference to provide the tax office where files are placed on the SFTP server.

POSITIVE_PAY_FTP: Set to Y to send the file to the SFTP server.

POSITIVE_PAY_FTP_LOCATION: Set to the SFTP subdirectory name where you want to file to be placed, for ex., TaxLedge,

  1. From the Main Menu, click on Products, then Batch Menu.  The ACT Batch Menu will appear.
  2. Click on the Positive Pay File line  The batch menu number varies from tax office to tax office.
  3. Press Enter.  The parameter screen for this report will appear.
  4. Enter the tax office's ACT 7 Client ID.
  5. Enter the Bank Account Number for the refunds.
  6. Enter a Begin and End Date to limit the data on the file
  7. Click Submit Job to start the report process.
  8. Click OK on the "OK to Submit Job" pop-up screen.
  9. To preview and print a report, see Previewing and Printing Reports.