Compare TCS Distribution Totals to TaxLedge Totals Screen

Last Updated November 18, 2014

This report provides a way to compare totals for data loaded into the TaxLedge remittance screen to totals on the Tax Collection System's Deposit Distribution Reports (TC298D) , batch menu no. 4, for the same date range. TaxLedge data is by date range and is broken down by the batch request sequence (from the TC298 report). Data from the Tax Collection System is shown by deposit date (which is how the TC298 determines its data). Grand totals are provided at the end.

If the TaxLedge remittance amounts do not match the Tax System amounts (the sum of distribution and attorney), you should determine if the difference is intentional or not. For ex., payments or deposits may not be loaded into TaxLedge but are part of the TC298 for the same date range; TC298 data for one or more days was not loaded into TaxLedge; or not all deposits were closed when the TC298 was run and loaded into TaxLedge. In the latter case, you may need void the TaxLedge batch listed on this report, run a new TC298 and load that into TaxLedge.


The following user entitlement, task and job must be granted in order to run this report:

Entitlement: BMI13006

Task: Run_TL_Batch_Jbos

Job: TL_Reports.

  1. From the Main Menu, click on Products, then Batch Menu.  The ACT Batch Menu will appear.
  2. Click on the Compare TCS Distribution Totals to TaxLedge Totals, batch menu no. 13006.
  3. Press Enter.  The parameter screen for this report will appear.
  4. Enter your tax office's ACT 7 Client ID.
  5. Enter the Begin Deposit Date and End Deposit Datefor the data on the report.
  6. In the Include Totals by Tax Unit field, enter Y to show a breakdown by unit for each batch seq. no. and deposit date or N to not include these details.
  7. In the Show Only Out of Balance Data field, enter Y to show only deposits and dates that are out of balance. The top portion will show totals for dates loaded in TaxLedge do not match the totals in the tax system for TC298(s) run in update mode for the same date range. The bottom portion shows totals that exist for TC298(s) that have been run in update mode in the tax system for date(s) that have not yet been loaded in TaxLedge.
  8. Click Submit Job to start the report process.
  9. Click OK on the "OK to Submit Job" pop-up screen.
  10. To preview and print a report, see Previewing and Printing Reports.