Adjust by Amount (Example)

Perform the following steps to adjust the IS Levy from $65,578.11 to $10,000 for tax unit 21:

  1. Click tax unit 21 in the Remit screen.
  2. Either click the Taxunit Remittance Detail tab or double-click tax unit 43 to open this screen:
  3. Click in the IS Levy field for Tax Unit 21.
  4. Enter $10,000.
  5. Press Tab.  TaxLedge automatically changes the dollar amounts to reflect the reduction. The percent is reduced from 100% to 90.1%, as you see here:

  1. Click Recalculate.  Taxledge will recalculate the total remittance and show it on the Remit Tab.

Note: If the user attempts to enter an amount or percentage larger than what is available, the system will default to the amount available.