EFT List Load Number Match

Last Updated July 12, 2005

To produce a list of load numbers using the batch menu:

  1. Open TaxLedge and log in.
  2. On TaxLedge’s Main Menu bar, select Reports, then select EFT List Load Number Match. The parameter screen will be displayed.
  3. Enter your tax office's ACT 7 Client ID.
  4. Enter a Begin and End Date to limit the number of loads to report.
  5. Click Submit Job.
  6. Click OK on the "OK to Submit Job" pop-up screen.
  7. To print the reports, see Previewing and Printing Reports.  The report lists the load numbers, type of data on the load, date and time of the load, bank account number, and amount contained in the load.

The type of data is given, for example, as CR_TU_W or CR_AT_A.  TU stands for tax unit, AT for attorney, A for ACH, and W for wires.