Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated February 17, 2003

Q:My 297 does not match my 298E. What should I do?

A:The most common cause of discrepancies is deposits left open when the reports are run. Before running the two reports, make sure that all open deposits are closed.

Q:My 298 is not in balance. Can I still use this file for remittances?

A:Yes. While we recommend correcting any errors reflected in the ACT report before proceeding with the remittance, the system will allow you to pay disbursements from an out-of-balance file. Remember, though, that at some point you will need to correct the errors in ACT and rerun the 298 for that date where errors were found. Once the errors are corrected, reverse the load for the day that had errors and reload that day. The system will automatically calculate the differences between the first file and the corrected file.

Q:Why are the remit totals different from the totals on the 298E for today?

A:The Remit Summary screen shows cumulative totals for the period from the last remit date to the current day. Use the Load Summary screen to compare the totals for today to the totals on the 298E.

QWhy does the date range default to the first collection day of the year through the current day?

A:To ensure that all the money for a current year is being accounted for, the system must total all amounts for that year. This allows for days to be loaded out of order, yet still be accounted for.