Last Updated June 8, 2015

TaxLedge is ACT's  financial accounting system for tax offices.  While linking directly to the ACT Tax Collection system, it allows tax offices to manage jurisdiction remittances, taxpayer refunds, and check writing.  An extensive reporting system is also included in the system.

The Table of Contents at the top of each page has topic titles grouped by type of activity. For example, Refunds Module has several topics related to processing refunds.

  • Click a topic of your choice. A drop-down list will appear.
  • Click the sub-topic of your choice. The instructions for the topic will appear in the main part of the screen.

The Search feature allows you to query the online help for a certain word or phrase.  Partial word searches are possible. To use the Search feature,

  • In the Search box at the top, type in a word or phrase for which you want to search.
  • Press Enter or click the magnifying glass icon.  
  • If more than one topic matches your word or phrase, a list of topics will appear.  Click on a topic from the list to view the instructions for that process.

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