End of Period Report

Last Updated September 16, 2010

The End of Period Report can be run for a single date or a range of dates.  It is designed, however, to be run for a month at a time.  This report can be balanced to the 298-D report produced in the Tax Collection System. the Final Remittance amount is the amount of money that has not yet been remitted for the month.

Users must be assigned the GLTAXLEDGE_FOUNDATION role and the user entitlements TAXLEDGE_REPORTS and GLRPTEND_OF_PERIOD in the Tax Collection System to run this report.

To run an End of Period Report:

  1. Open TaxLedge and log in.
  2. On TaxLedge’s Main Menu bar, select Reports, then select End of Period.
  3. In the File Type drop-down list, select type of data you want on the report. The list includes Property Tax, SIT, VIT Fines/Penalties, VIT NSF , VIT Overpayment , and VIT Penalty/Interest.
  4. In the Deposit Date Range fields, enter the beginning and ending date for the data that you want to appear on the report.
  5. Choose one of the following options for displaying data: Summary, Detail Show Paid/Unpaid Totals, or Detail w/o Paid/Unpaid Totals.
  6. (optional) Some tax offices have a list of tax units from which to select if you want to limit the data further.
  7. Enter the number of copies needed in the Number of Copies field.
  8. Click Print.
  9. If your tax office wants, the report can be tracked on the batch menu. A popup window will appear after you click Print that gives you the batch request sequence number. Contact ACT if you want this feature.

To balance the End of Period report to the 298-D report, you will compare amounts for individual tax units.

This number on the End of Period report

Should equal this number on the 298-D report

A (Current Subtotal:Debit)

A (Curr Total:Levy Paid)

C - B (Current Subtotal:Disc/Penalty)

C (Curr Total:Penalty Interest) – [subtract]

B (Curr Total:Discount Given)

D (Current Subtotal:Net)

D (Curr Total:Disburse Total)

E (Ad Valorem:Disc/Penalty)

E (Dlq (Total:Levy Paid)

G - F (Penalty & Interest:Disc/Penalty)

G (Dlq Total:Penalty Interest) – [subtract] F (Dlq Total:Discount Given)

H (Penalty & Interest:Net)

H (Dlq Total:Disburse Total)

I (Commission for Tax Attorney)

I (Dlq Total:Attorney)

For Bexar County only: the S.A.R.A. commission should not be taken on the rendition penalty commission amount. Regular C.P.A. commission is taken on rendition penalty for Bexar County.