Refund Register

Last Updated June 9, 2010

This report will provide a register of the refunds processed in a requested run or entered manually in TaxLedge.  It is sorted by batch number, then by check number.

Users must be assigned the GLTAXLEDGE_FOUNDATION role and the user entitlements TAXLEDGE_REPORTS and GLRPTREFUND_REGISTER in the Tax Collection System to run this report.

To run a Refund Register report:

  1. Select Reports from the main menu and click Refund Register from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select the type of refunds you want from the Refund Type drop-down menu.  The choices are: Overpayment, Adjustment and All.
  3. Select the Refund Status you wish to view.  The choices are: Paid, Processed, Due, Deleted, Modified, Manual, and On Hold.

Paid refunds are those whose checks have been printed, Processed refunds are those requested in the Refunds screen but not sent through the Check Writer.  Due refunds are those that have been loaded into TaxLedge, but not processed in the Refund screen. Manual refunds are those entered in the Manual Payment Request tab of the Refund screen. Modified refunds are those whose name or address was changed in TaxLedge rather than in the Tax Collection System.

  1. (optional) Enter the beginning and ending dates during which the refunds were processed in the Deposit Date Range fields.
  2. (optional) Enter the Batch Sequence number of the Refund Report (TC536) you want to see on the report.
  3. (optional) Enter the beginning and ending Print Date ranges.
  4. (optional) Enter the beginning and ending Check Ranges (these are the check numbers).
  5. Enter the Number of Copies to be printed.
  6. Click Print.
  7. If your tax office wants, the report can be tracked on the batch menu. A popup window will appear after you click Print that gives you the batch request sequence number. Contact ACT if you want this feature.