Toolbar Buttons

Last Updated December 10, 2004

PRINT Prints the information currently showing on the screen.
EXIT This button appears on all screens. Use it to exit out of any of the TaxLedge windows back to the Main Menu screen. Exit the system from the Main Menu screen.
ENTER QUERY Enter (begin) a query (search).
EXECUTE QUERY Execute (complete) a query (search).
PREVIOUS RECORD Goes to the previous screen of data for this tab.
NEXT RECORD Goes to the next screen of data for this tab.
INSERT RECORD Insert Record (set of information on the screen)
REMOVE RECORD Remove data from the screen
LOCK RECORD Do not allow changes to the record
0NLINE HELP Taxledge Help

Shown above are the toolbar and the main Menu bar (Action, Edit, Query, etc.), which you will use to carry out some of the processes in TaxLedge. The toolbar buttons and functions that are important to TaxLedge are listed in the table.

Note: The rest of the buttons on the toolbar have no effect and should not be used. Using them may cause your session to end prematurely and force you to start over.