Updating Information for Tax Office and Tax Office Bank

Last Updated July 16, 2015

Tax office and bank account information can be maintained from within TaxLedge.  Each tax office can be linked to more than one bank account for depositing money in (remittances) and to write checks from in the case of refunds.

The TL_ADMIN job, View Maintenance and Change Maintenance Information tasks, and GLTAX_OFFICE_ADMIN and GLTAX_OFFICE_BANK entitlements should be considered for users needing to use these screens.

Task Entitlements Description Jobs - ACT Template Only
Change maintenance info ACTGL_TAX_OFFICE Access the Tax Office Maintenance screen TL_ADMIN
  GLTAX_OFFICE_ADMIN Allow users to save changes in the Tax Office Maintenance screen  
  GLTAX_OFFICE_BANK_ADMIN Allow users to change tax office bank information in the Tax Office Maintenance screen  
View maintenance ACTGL_TAX_OFFICE Access the Tax Office Maintenance screen TL_ADMIN

To add a new tax office or change existing tax office information,

  1. On TaxLedge’s Main Menu bar, select Maintenance, then select Tax Office. The Tax Office Bank screen appears.
  2. Click the Tax Office Info tab. The Tax Office Info screen will be populated with the information for the current tax collector and other officials.
  3. If needed, make any changes to the existing information.
  4. Click Save to save your changes.

To add a new bank or bank account,

  1. On TaxLedge’s Main Menu bar, select Maintenance, then select Tax Office. The Tax Office Bank screen will be displayed.
  2. Banks are displayed in alphabetical order by System Record Code (for ex., ADV is ad valorem). Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen to find the bank you need.
  3. To add a new bank or bank account, click Change Bank Info. The Change Bank Account Information screen appears.
  4. From the drop-down Bank list, select the appropriate bank name. The bank's name and address appears in the right side of the screen.  Skip to step 9.
  5. If you do not see the correct name in the drop-down list, click Add Bank.
  6. On the New Bank screen, enter the bank name, address, city, state, zip, and fax number.
  7. Click Save.
  8. From the Bank drop-down list, select the bank name that you just entered.
  9. In the Start Date field, enter the date to begin using the account in TaxLedge.
  10. (optional) Enter the ABA/Route Number.
  11. (optional) Enter the contact information, a description of the account, account number, repetitive/bank tracking number, debit account description, and credit account description.
  12. If your tax office creates NACHA files in taxLedge, the N.A.C.H.A File Parameters data will be displayed at the bottom. You can change this as needed.
  13. Click Save. You may get a message saying the account is already assigned to more than one distribution (bank) type. Click Yes to allow all of the accounts for this bank type to be changed to this account, or click No to change only the current bank type to the new account.

If you did not enter a routing number or account number, you will see confirmation messages asking if this is what you want.

Click Cancel to leave this screen.

  1. If the Start Date is prior to the current date and remittances have been loaded into Taxledge but not processed yet, you will get another message asking you to change the start date.
  2. You are returned to the Current Tax Office Bank Information screen.
  3. If you entered a Start Date in the future, click Pending Changes to see the new information.  You will not be able to click Change Bank Info because the current bank information (that which is active today), reflects a closed account. You will get a message to that effect.

To add a new distribution type,

  1. From the Tax Office Bank screen, click Add Disbursement Type.
  2. On the Add Disbursement Type screen, enter the following: 
  3. System Code: Enter the code you want to appear on the Remit or Refund screen (do not use numbers)
  4. Description: Enter a description of your choice.
  5. Report for Payment: Standard Refund Check, Standard Remittance Check or pdf. This is the type of check that will be printed for this distribution type.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click Change Bank Info.
  8. Follow the steps in the section above to link a bank to this disbursement type.