CPA Letter

Last Updated February 20, 2015

If you need to send an invoice to jurisdictions to bill them for their cost per account commissions, follow the instructions below.   These are for jurisdiction who do not have their commissions withheld automatically inside TaxLedge.

Users must be assigned the GLTAXLEDGE_FOUNDATION role and the user entitlements TAXLEDGE_REPORTS and GLRPTCPA_BILL in the Tax Collection System to run this report.

The client preference CPA_BILL_BATCHJOB must be set to Y to create individual files for each jurisdiction. This can be set to N to create a single file.

To run a Cost Per Account Report:

  1. Open TaxLedge and log in.
  2. On TaxLedge’s Main Menu bar, select Reports, then select Cost Per Account Letter . The CPA Letters screen will be displayed.
  3. In the File Type drop-down list, select .Property Tax.
  4. In the Letter Type drop-down list, select either Initial CPA Letter or Supplemental CPA Letter (used if additional parcels were entered on the Cost Per Account screen, after the initial entry)
  5. Enter the current Tax Year.
  6. Enter the Effective Date/Due Date for the cost per account funds. This is used in the statement saying the 'collection fees will be debited from collections on or before January ….. '
  7. Click Get Bill Batches.  The available CPA batches processed in the Cost Per Account screen will be displayed.
  8. Enter a Letter Date, which will be printed on each letter.
  9. In the Status area, select All Billed or Withheld, Billed, Withheld, or Saved. These correspond to options on the Cost Per Account screen.
  10. Select either Create a single file for all tax units or Create separate files for each tax unit
  11. If you are printing the report for all units, check the All Tax Units box.
  12. If you are printing the report and you want data for just some of the units, uncheck the All Tax Units box, highlight the units you want, then click the right arrow button (). Continue selecting the individual units that you want on the report.
  13. Click Print.  The letters will be printed. If you processed commissions for more than one appraisal district in the Cost per Account screen, the amounts will be listed by appraisal district on the letters.